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Britton Farrar Field Hangar Taxilane Expansion - Project Bid Date: 7/10/17

7/9/17 Sealed Bids

City of Britton
Britton, SD

Britton Water System Improvements - Project Bid Date: 10/9/17

10/9/17 Sealed Bids

Conde Water System Improvements - Project Bid Date: 8/2/17

8/1/17 Sealed Bids

Doland Water Meter Replacement Project - Bid Date: 11/14/17

11/14/17 Sealed Bids

City of Doland
Doland, SD

Helms & Associates 2017 Upcoming Projects

Various Locations

Redfield Municipal Airport Runway 17/35 Construction Project Bid Date: 7/13/17

7/12/17 Sealed Bids

Vermillion Apron Improvements (Harold Davidson Field) Project Bid Date: 6/7/17

6/6/17 Sealed Bids

City of Vermillion
Vermillion, SD

Watertown Regional Airport Hangar Taxilane Expansion: Project Bid Date 8/30/17

8/29/17 Sealed Bids

City of Watertown
Watertown, SD

Watertown Regional Airport Terminal Parking Lot Improvements - Project Bid Date: 10/6/17

10/6/17 Sealed Bids

City of Watertown
Watertown, SD

Webster Airport Runway 12/30 Reconstruction Project Bid Date: 6/13/17

6/12/17 Sealed Bids

City of Webster
Webster, SD