Bid Documents

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2023 SD DOT Airport Pavement Rehabilitation Project - Project Bid Date: 4/5/2023

4/5/23 Sealed

SD DOT Office of Air, Rail & Transit
Statewide, South Dakota

Aberdeen Regional Airport Runway 13/31 Rehabilitation & Lighting Improvements - Project Bid Date: 4/4/2023

4/4/23 Sealed

City of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, SD

Britton Municipal Airport Fuel System Improvements - Project Bid Date: 4/6/2023

4/6/23 Sealed

City of Britton
Britton, South Dakota

De Smet Wilder Field Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS III-P) Project Bid Date: 4/5/2023

4/5/23 Sealed

City of De Smet
De Smet, South Dakota

Hutchinson County Courthouse Drainage and Mentor Street Improvements Bid: April 11, 2023


Hutchinson County
Olivet, South Dakota

Miller East 4th Street Improvements Bid: March 16, 2023


City of Miller
Miller, South Dakota

Plankinton Sanitary Sewer Improvements Bid: February 2, 2023


City of Plankinton
Plankinton, South Dakota

Redfield Ambulance Building Site - Project Bid Date: 2/15/2023

2/15/23 Sealed

City of Redfield
Redfield, South Dakota

Sisseton Municipal Airport Fence Improvements - Project Bid Date: 4/4/2023

4/4/23 Sealed

City of Sisseton
Sisseton, SD

Webster Water System Improvements Phase II - Project Bid Date: 3/27/2023

3/27/23 Sealed

City of Webster
Webster, South Dakota