Faulkton Area Economic Development

June 19th, 2016
Faulkton City Council Approves 5.2 Million Dollar Sewer Project

The City Council of Faulkton, SD, recently approved a 5.2 million dollar sanitary sewer improvements project for the city at their June meeting. A series of grants and loans received to cover the project were the deciding factors for the council. The funding package includes $515,000.00 grant from CDBG, $500,000 grant from DENR, $994,000.00 grant from Rural Development and a $3,084,000.00 loan from Rural Development with an interest rate of 1.75% for 40 years. The funding package would allow the city to keep the monthly sewer rates as low at $35.72 per month, which is an increase of $9.52 from the current rate. The council will implement the rate increase on a gradual basis over the next two years.

Projected timeline for the project, which will begin with the preliminary design meeting with the city council in September, will call for bids in January of 2017 and have a project close-out at the end of September of 2018. Helms and Associates of Aberdeen, SD, is the design engineer for the project.

This will be another phase in updating Faulkton's infrastructure, with a water project and fiberoptic project having been completed in ten last yen years.