Huron Regional Airport

PO Box 1369
May 23rd, 2018
Helms and Associates have just completed the ALP update and Master Planning process for the Huron Regional Airport and produced a document and Layout planning sheets of unparalleled quality and completeness. In my plus 30 years of dealing with airport engineers I have never seen better quality of work and professionalism than what they have displayed in this process. From the engineers to the draftsmen and surveyors, the amount of detail and precision as well as the depth of research and attention to detail has produced an Airport Layout Plan that at 31 pages in length covers all of the required data as well as nice to have details such as drainage information and enlarged drawings of apron and hangar areas with future and ultimate and ultimate two coverage of existing and future development layouts. All of the Data Tables are clear, precise and in easy to read format. Drawings are detailed and provided in clean sheet and photographic backgrounds making it easier to picture precise locations of related safety areas and other field details. The use of color helps in the understanding of planning features and details like field boundaries, OFAs, OFZs, safety areas, and exhibit A parcels. Approach and departure surfaces are depicted with existing, future, and ultimate obstructions shown and tables that clearly show the effect those obstructions are having or will have on those surfaces. A land use plan showing zoning in surrounding areas that may impact the airport is provided along with a detailed property tables listing each airport outlet and its history. A review of this ALP was just conducted by FAA Airports District Officer Sandy Depottey who was visibly impressed with the quality of Helm's work and expressed that this was the type of work they want to see from everyone and congratulated Helm's team on their work.

The Master planning process is also just completed and once again the final product is impressive! From the depth of research into all facts of this airport and its history to the insightful outlook and projection of future needs and growth the time and attention spent on this project is evident. They looked at the History of the airport all the way back to its beginnings in 1927 and provided detailed history including property, tenants, operations, and even the AIP project history. They included a reasonable outlook for future trends that includes a need to be able to accommodate the type and size of aircraft that we have had as regular users in the past that need facilities that will fit their aircraft needs. These type of aircraft include those in Types C-III and C-IV even to our ILS being improperly sited for our worst weather conditions and saw the need to increase the crosswind runway to B-II Large to accommodate the type of traffic we normally handle. All of these considerations required the type of attention to detail that the Helms team has. Their detailed research and documentation enabled the verification of the type of critical aircraft that we serve to enable the continued justification of projects to provide for those aircraft in the future. All in all, this Master Plan should serve us extremely well into the future.

I would highly recommend the team from Helms and Associates for any planning project that you many have and I would assure you that you would be more than pleased with the results.

Sincerely, Larry Cooper, Airport Manager